A strong alliance
The Community Foundation Rösrath founded in 2004 aims at promoting the sense of community within the city, fostering social interaction of its citizens, strenghtening the community, and mobilising the city’s innovative capacities. Up to now, more than 120 projects have been supported financially. The fact that Schloss Eulenbroich, i.e. the landmark of the city of Rösrath, has been restored to shine in new splendour and is now available to the general public is, in part, a result of the help granted by the Community Foundation, too. It dedicates itself to the people of our city in many different ways by dealing with problematical groups, children, teenagers, or senior citizens or with culture, the maintenance of public spaces, or with traditional activities. So it is not surprising that it meets with a major response from the citizens: more and more people want to back the Community Foundation by granting their active support or by making earmarked donations or financial contributions to the foundation’s tied up total capital whose proceeds are used for charitable purposes.

“We can still make Rösrath a more liveable and loveable place”, says Hans Vierkotten, the chairman of the board of trustees of the Community Foundation Rösrath since 2012. For him and for his wife Brigitte, social commitment in the region is a self-evident matter as they are both deeply rooted here. That is why the Vierkottens have been members of the Community Foundation Rösrath from its very beginning – they belong to the group of initial founders and have forcefully fostered and advanced the project financially and with many ideas and initiatives. “For us, the Community Foundation is an affair matter of the heart”, Brigitte Vierkotten explains. Like her husband, she is sure that, in future, many more committed citizens will get involved for a good cause. Anyway, one thing is for sure: the Community Foundation will deliver much good for Rösrath in the years to come.